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When you employ your local Payroll Vault, you access a dedicated team to ensure you are compliant, and gain access to our suite of services that guarantee you are supported with cutting-edge technology solutions to make your payroll processing simple and secure. Our commitment to help businesses succeed, combined with our unparalleled customer service, allows us to successfully customize and highly personalize your services.

We are local! Payrolls are processed at our locally owned and operated Payroll Vault location, utilizing the resources and support of our national Payroll Vault franchise, a leader in the payroll industry.

Our a la cart supporting services include:

A variety of timekeeping solutions that can be customized to your business

Varying levels of background checks to ensure your customer’s safety and reduce your liability

Access to compliant labor law posters with updates included

HR Services to help small businesses operate within the law with bearing a huge expense

Pay-As-You Worker’s Compensation to assist you with cash flow and eliminate annual reconciliation

Let Payroll Vault help your business succeed by providing unparalleled customer service, customized solutions, and the peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

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